What makes PDX Code Guild Special?

We believe in the individual. That’s what fuels us to work hard and put in the long hours required at times to ensure our students are receiving the best quality education. We’re not a huge school, pushing students through the system full. We’re a handful of dedicated developers who have a passion for teaching motivated students the skills they need to succeed.

When we talk to our students they all say the same thing: It’s the community that makes the difference. PDX Code Guild leans on the staff, other students, and our local connections within the community to give each student a personalized experience and set them up for success.

What We Teach

As a software developer, you will be tasked with developing creative solutions to complex problems. Learning to THINK like a developer is just as important as the languages you learn to program in.

We start with Python at PDX Code Guild. And this is not because we are dogmatic about any language, but because Python has an approachable syntax for an object oriented language. It’s not as “cluttered” as other languages like Java, C#, or C++. This helps demystify programming for people who are getting their feet wet. Python is very flexible and is used widely from system administration to research to gaming engines to functional programming.

Our students learn fundamentals in Python which we expand upon with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 into full stack development with one of Python’s most popular and widely used frameworks: Django.ABOUT OUR COURSES

Our Team

Christopher Jones
Technical Founder / Instructor

Based in Portland Oregon, Christopher Jones is a freelance developer and lover of all things tech. He has been tinkering with anything that had electricity running through it that he could get his hands on since he was able to walk. By the age of 8 he was helping neighbors fix broken electronics in exchange for lumpia (the food of the Gods). At the age of 12 he taught himself HTML and started on the long road of web development addiction.

Chelsea Megan
Frontend expert

Chelsea started her love affair with frontend at the age of nine by learning all she could about HTML, CSS and adobe suite. At age fifteen she had the privilege of learning to program alongside adults in an intensive program. She excelled at full stack for a while before returning to frontend, her first love. Since then she has continually updated and improved her skills while working to share her frontend skills with others.

Eunika Wu

I come from a background in computer science and cognitive science, and I’m interested in exploring that intersection: I want to bridge the gap between humanity and technology. I worked as a developer in human-computer interaction research prior to instructing here. My interests include AI, machine learning, natural language programming, horror, and amateur taxidermy. Pleased to meet you!

Matthew Cooper

I come from a background in computer science and believe in self-documenting code and example-based learning. I also believe programming is an inherently creative endeavor, and that imagination, intuition, and aesthetic are necessary ingredients of a well-seasoned programmer. My areas of interest include web dev, computer graphics, and a little bit of machine learning. I’m also fond of CS theory and formal languages in general.

Sheri Dover

A long-time entrepreneur, Sheri works to empower others and strengthen the Oregon economy. Businesses founded by Sheri include a public market that served as a low-barrier incubator and a coworking space that supported small businesses. Sheri’s extensive volunteer work includes 3 years as an Organizer for Portland Startup Weekend and a volunteer for TiE Oregon.

Our Advisors

Andrew Hedges

Andrew has been a professional web developer since 1998. He is a veteran of universities, nonprofits, startups, and—most recently—Disney, and Apple, where he managed developers building high-profile websites and mobile games. Andrew holds a Master of Education from the University of Maryland, College Park, in counseling and student development. Prior to entering tech, he spent 7 years as a higher education administrator, primarily coordinating, developing, and presenting training programs. A Portland native, Andrew is excited to be back in the area, closer to family.

Carl Hall

Carl is a software developer and team lead at Cloudability where he fanaticizes about automation, advocates education and evangelizes the open source way. Through the Apache Software Foundation and the Sakai Project, he has had the privilege to devote many hours committing to free and open-source software. He pulled up his Georgian roots to venture west after spending a sparse decade on the campus of Georgia Tech where he received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, was a research engineer, faculty advisor to the cycling team, and studied computational science & engineering. Carl has spent the last few of years building cloud-based systems and teaching others how to successfully plan for failure. He spends his free time rebuilding old projects in the framework du jour, playing roller derby and attempting to repair an old vacuum tube radio.

Ed Snajder

Ed is the Database Administrator at Jive Software. He has been administering databases and analyzing data and for over 10 years, and today finds himself working with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle relational database engines, as well as HBase, Pig and other distributed technologies. He works on query and data structure design, performance optimization, systems configuration and troubleshooting for both internal and on-premises systems. When not having fun with databases, Ed is an aspiring hacker, with a self-built 3D printer, a couple of Raspberry Pis, and several mostly finished Arduino projects. An avid Portland tech community supporter, Ed has spoken at and participated in the PostgreSQL User Group, OSCON, Portland Code Camp, SQL Saturday and the Oregon SQL Developers’ Group.

Grant Holly

I do the dev ops on the mirco services for make great cloud success with glory to Khazakstan world number one export of Potassium. Synergetic cloud-ready scalable value-adding flexible etc. etc. etc. I like to write code. But I must also say; pre-mature optimization is an effing tar pit though. Over the years, I have developed a mild allergy to Java and .NET, love Python and Javascript (heart kimoji), admire SQL (Postgres please, if you have to ask), and find myself asking “can’t we just do this with some bash?” And can I just say, just because its NoSQL, doesn’t mean NoRULES people. *shakes fist in the air* Having worked with Puppet this last year and some, I find myself saying “If I can’t just do this in bash, should I even be doing this at all?” That is a callback joke that didn’t come back in the right order. Ay oh! Golang gives me hope that I can do compiled programming without catching a design-pattern brain disease. Nothing like having a problem, and then working with Java and creating abstract problems. Math is cool, and I wish I were good at it. I’m not even shitting you when I say that I’m a pretty badass welder and machinist. I read the Economist and talk about smart people things OK?! On top of that, I’ve been known for replying “No” to required meetings, playing in a rockabilly band, and being, and I quote, “on that real shit.” Most of my hobbies are indoors and I suffer from sun guilt in the Summer. And my name is GRRAAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey Darling

Honey is a thoughtful tech leader who is passionate about the developer, the customer, the experience, and the delight of building and using revolutionary software. As VP of Engineering at DealerPeak, Honey leads world class development teams to deliver state of the art automotive retail software. Her basic values of collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement drive culture and strategy throughout the organization. Honey is proud to do great work with awesome programmers, designers, and data engineers. Honey is co-organizer of the Portland Tech Leadership Meetup and an active member of the Portland tech community. A programmer for many years, Honey gained a deep understanding of product, process, and people. She never stops thinking about technology, work flow, coaching, culture, and strategy.

Kevin Long

Kevin Ernest Long is a Pacific NW Technology Pioneer. As an early advocate for the software industry in Oregon, he launched the mid-oregon branch of the Software Association of Oregon in the early nineties while operating a Computer Store and Training Center in Eugene. Later he went on to design products and platforms for Concur, WeSync, Palm, Concur, UltimateBet, Iovation, Dinerware, DataMotion and Janrain, where he applied his experience with design, internet technologies, touch-screens, mobile-devices, banking, security and gaming technology gained from a decade of teaching and contracting at companies like, Symantec, Intel, and Nike. His work has been featured in publications such as PC Game Programming Explorer and Hash Animation Master Pro Series Video Training. He is currently working as Technical Director at CMD Agency in Portland, Oregon on projects for companies such as JELD-WEN, Columbia Sportswear, and Carl-Zeiss.

Kieran Prasch

I dig software – It empowers us to change the world; That inspires me. Technology is a creative medium that draws out the curious side in us all, and an in-demand skill that enables its individual wielders to solve complex problems. I’ve been coding professionally since sixteen and still love it; APIs, Training, the ‘Python’ way, Hacking: I’ve done it all. As a practitioner, I aim to write code that improves quality of life (You, Me, Everyone), smash the talent myths, and help others employ a critique on the world at large. I’m excited to meet you!

Robert Gallup
See. Think. Make.

Bob has spent his career doing these at the intersection of people, design, and technology. In the halcyon days of Microsoft, he led a team through the drama of shipping Fury3, Microsoft’s first PC game for Windows 95. Since then, he’s been a leader and designer on an eclectic mix of early stage projects from computer games, to automobile computers, and online education platforms. Bob is currently the founder/CEO at XOBXOB, which is focused on seeing, thinking, and making in the rapidly emerging world where everything is connected.

Vinay Rao

Vinay Rao is the co-founder of Recode360 llc, focused on building an ecommerce software platform for the age of Internet of Things. After serving in various capacity at Xerox Corporation for 20+ years, Vinay is back to where his heart lies – that is, starting up companies and making a difference to the world unrelentingly. During his time at Xerox, Vinay held roles as general manager, product

PDX Code Guild Courses


The Python based developer bootcamp is licensed by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission


Our accelerated curriculum requires you to be an active and responsible learner.


The success of our school hinges on the success of each individual student. We take this very seriously.

With both full-time day and part-time evening bootcamps, we have a program to fit your schedule.
Already know programming? Want to dive deeper? The Advanced JavaScript and Advanced Portfolio classes are accepting applications. These classes will fill fast – apply now!

  • Python-Based Developer Day BootCampThis full time, 14 week, Python-based developer bootcamp is an immerse, hands on way to launch your tech moreapply
  • Python-Based Developer Evening BootCampThis part time, 18 week, Python developer bootcamp is a splendid way to learn programming while keeping your day moreapply
  • Advanced JavaScript – React and NodeThis course is the perfect way to take a deeper dive into Javascript with React and Node!read moreapply
  • Advanced PortfolioLevel up your skills quickly and build your portfolio with the guidance and direction of a senior developerread moreapply
  • Intro to FrontendThis short course is about answering the basic questions people have about the actual practice and career of web moreapply
  • Intro to ProgrammingIntro to Programming is a great way to dip your toe into programming and learn the basic fundamentals through Pythonread moreapply

Cost & Financial Aid

PDX Code Guild works with a variety of organizations to provide financial aid for our students. Over half of our students have qualified for partial financial aid through the organizations we partner with.

Because the criteria our partners use differ from organization to organization, we encourage you to complete your application as soon as possible so that our partners can start working with you.

PDX Code Guild also offers a limited number of diversity discounts per class, based on merit and need, to women, people of color and people who are LGBTQ. Learn More.

Resources, Equipment & Facilities

PDX Code Guild is conveniently located in the heart of Portland’s innovation corridor, between Portland State University, OHSU, and the Portland State University Business Accelerator.

Public transportation to and from PDX Code Guild is convenient, as the classroom is located within a few blocks of bus, train, and streetcar stops. Free parking is available in a parking lot at the back of the building. There is free parking after 4pm on the street. Indoor bicycle storage is available. There are restaurants and food cart pods within walking distance.

The PDX Code Guild classroom is set up with individual workstations, as well as places to practice white-boarding or relax on a comfy couch.

Our large event space is set up with a whiteboard, projector and a large-screen TV are used for weekly tech meetups and community presentations.

Students have access to a kitchen with a refrigerator to store their lunches and snacks in, a microwave, tables to eat at and a coffee maker.

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